Cotton, Linen & Polyester Canvas

We take great pride in our carefully selected range of cotton, linen and poly surfaces. All our current stock is ready primed with universal acrylic primer, available in double and triple primed options for cotton-duck and linen varieties and double, triple, four coats and six coats in our poly-cotton and polyester varieties.

Weave options include 12oz and 14oz for cotton-duck and poly varieties, medium and fine for linen.Below is a summary describing the various surfaces and our current available range:


Linen is a strong natural fibre deriving from the flax plant and has been the preferred painting surface by artists for many centuries particularly within Europe. Linen has truly proved the test of time with artworks now hundreds of years old surviving to this day. Highly durable and versatile, available in many weaving varieties including fine to superfine and medium to coarse finishes, linen is the preferred choice of many professional artists today. Production is confined to fewer locations in the world mainly western Europe making it a highly priced commodity. Stronger and more durable than cotton, however, much more susceptible to changes due to weather elements and conditions, climate controlled conditions are recommended. Suitable for works including oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media. View our range of linen


Cotton surfaces offer great versatility, they are strong and durable, available in smooth and toothier varieties. Being an abundant natural fibre; cotton is an accessible and affordable option compared to other surfaces. Less susceptible to changes due to weather elements and conditions than linen.

A very popular surface and the standard choice for most artists. Suitable for works including oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media. View our range of cotton


Poly-cotton surfaces have now being available for some decades, they are a combination of cotton and polyester and are commonly available in different ratios of the two components. Poly-cotton is increasing in popularity as part of the growing range of innovative art materials available in todays market. Stronger than both cotton and linen, it is also much more durable when factoring longevity. Much less susceptible to changes due to weather elements and conditions, depending on the poly to cotton ratio. Poly-cotton offers an alternative painting experience to the traditional surfaces with a semi synthetic texture still providing a natural feel. Suitable for works including oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media.

View our range of poly-cotton


Polyester is a relatively new arrival to painting surfaces and is completely synthetic. Due to the  lack of organic materials; polyester surfaces are unaffected by the weather elements and conditions and are predicted to outlast all other surfaces known to date, making it top choice if longevity is a priority. It is also of superior strength and durability. Polyester is currently available in smooth finishes making it ideal for but not limited to works with fine detail. An exciting surface that responds exceptionally well to our climate with great promise as the way of the future. Suitable for works including oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media.

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