Artwork Re-Stretching

If you have artwork rolled up in storage which you are keen to display on your wall; or perhaps if you are an artist or gallery preparing for an exhibition, we have re-stretching services to suit your needs. 
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Supporting framework

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We will stretch your artwork on a supporting timber frame - also known as stretchers or stretcher bars - all of the finest quality, and consciously sourced from renewable plantations locally and abroad.
Made-to-order, stretcher bars have expandable joints (with the aid of wedges) and are great for all surfaces, especially works on linen or surfaces which can ‘relax’ over time. Stretcher bars are available in 22mm and 32mm profiles and come in Hoop pine, Victorian ash and Cedar options.
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The difference between expandable 'bridle jointed' stretchers and fixed jointed strainers, pictured above.

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Stretchers (stretcher bars) are available in Arakaria Pine, Victorian Ash and Western Red Cedar in 22mm or 32mm profiles


Reinforcement bracing is included for configurations where the longest side is 100cm and over; 

as per the guideline shown.

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